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Haw Phra Bang and the Royal Palace

The most important temple in Luang Prabang is the Haw Phra Bang Temple, home of the Phra Bang Buddha, which is the city's namesake . The temple is built on the grounds of the old Luang Prabang Royal Palace, now the National Museum of Luang Prabang. The Haw Phra Bang is a large and ornate temple built in the quintessential style of Lao religious architecture. From first glance, this royal temple appears to be as ancient as others in the city, but it may be surprising to learn that it was only completed in 2006. Haw Phra Bang Temple Haw Phra Bang Temple, Luang Prabang House of the Phra Bang Buddha, royal temple, Luang Prabang Construction of the Haw Phra Bang was ordered by the royal family of Laos in 1963 as a properly grand and royal home for the country's most important Buddha image, but was promptly halted when the Kingdom of Laos fell to Pathet Lao Communist forces. The temple was abandoned, and construction wasn't renewed until the 1990s. The Ha

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